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  • Medical elevator

    In every possible way · Human care
    Advanced host, reliable delivery: permanent magnet technology constant torque, stable operation; high-precision vector frequency conversion control, precise leveling. No-tooth drive technology, high energy efficiency and maintenance-free. Synchronous drive, direct braking, safe and reliable, green and efficient, achieving comprehensive energy saving of 35%.
    Intelligent system, advanced control: equipped with advanced intelligent control system, efficient and complete signal output to uncover the signal transmission accuracy and speed; at the same time, the microcomputer intelligent control system realizes modular and networked control, which provides a strong guarantee for the efficient operation of the elevator.
    Large space car design: The spacious car space design provides effective space for the transfer of the stretcher car. At the same time, it can accommodate many people for transfer, with strong carrying capacity and safe and reliable operation.

    Floor door series

    Control configuration