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  • Safe and reliable door movement system
    ·The motor synchronous belt transmits torque in straight drag mode, and the door machine structure is more compact.
    ·VVVF vector frequency conversion control technology to achieve high quality switch door, quiet and efficient.
    · Configure high-density diffuse light curtain protection, safe and reliable.

    Group control management technology
    · Connect the control system to the terminal installed in the monitoring room, and check the floor position of the elevator and the running status of the equipment through the debugging software.
    · The elevator can be remotely monitored through telephone network access, broadband network access, and wireless network access to ensure passenger safety.

    Intelligent IC management technology
    · Optional advanced intelligent management module to achieve cell monitoring.
    · IC card intelligent identification system, setting authority management function, is a major technological leap in the development process of elevator technology, effectively strengthening the security and intelligence of user building management. Protect the user's life and property interests.

    Remote IoT network technology
    · Elevator Internet of Things platform access, remote monitoring of elevators, real-time view of elevator operation.
    ·Automatic alarm, diagnosis and maintenance when there is a crisis situation; data sharing can be realized.

    Green design concept
    · Compared with the traditional hydraulic elevator, the permanent magnet synchronous toothless technology can effectively save energy by 60%.
    ·Equipped with advanced energy-saving technology, the products are superior to the national standards in terms of operating efficiency and energy consumption, and realize the “green” travel of elevators.

    Traction machine energy saving technology
    ·High-frequency permanent magnet technology constant torque, stable operation, no noise.
    · High-precision vector frequency conversion control, non-inductive start, precise leveling.
    ·No-tooth transmission technology, simple structure, high energy efficiency, no oil, no maintenance.
    · Synchronous drive, direct braking, safe and reliable, achieving energy savings of about 35%.

    LED new light source
    · Stable, low temperature, low light decay, no radiation, long service life.
    ·The light is soft and natural, does not hurt the eyes, and optimizes the car space environment.
    · 90% of the energy can be effectively converted into heat, and the energy saving effect is remarkable.

    Intelligent energy control
    ·Energy recovery and regeneration, saving energy by up to 35% in a single item; eliminating harmonic pollution and purifying the power grid environment.
    ·In the unmanned state, the car interior lighting is automatically extinguished, and the car lighting is automatically turned on after receiving the call again; the lighting power is saved and the energy consumption is reduced.